Can AI create a profitable business that requires zero employees?

That’s exactly the question I’m trying to answer with the Dabble.AI project.

Hi, I’m Steve Tingiris, the founder of Dabble Lab, and the author of one of the first books on GPT - Exploring GPT-3. Since working on my book, I’ve wondered how close we are to seeing fully automated AI-driven businesses. Companies that required zero humans to manage and run the entire operation.

AI has come a long way in the past few years and I think we’re really close to seeing it happen. So close that I’m going to try to build one. Well, I’m not build it, I’m going to get AI to build it for me.

The plan is also to document the entire process and share what I learn as I go. I’ll share as much detail as possible. Including:

  • The general strategies I’m using

  • The AI tools and models involved

  • My prompts and training techniques

  • The challenges I run into

  • The time I’m investing

  • The profits or losses I realize

Everything I’ll be doing will be with the following three objectives in mind.


  1. Plan, build, launch, and scale a profitable business using only AI tools.

  2. Spend as little time and money as possible to achieve my first objective.

  3. Document the entire process and share it with the world.

Can it be done? I’m not entirely sure yet. But if it can, everyone following along will be among the first to know. So, subscribe today to follow my progress!

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Can AI create profitable businesses without employees? The Dabble.AI project is documenting and sharing attempts to make that happen.